Generator Modes

James LePage

Last Update 2 years ago

A mode selects a specifically trained AI model. For example, if you are using the WooCommerce mode, the AI has been trained on the documentation offered by WooCommerce, as well as the source code for the plugin. Therefore, it has much more specific information and outputs then the general ones.

Currently, there is a single general purpose, WordPress PHP mode that CodeWP offers.

Soon, we will publicly release the JavaScript and CSS general purpose, WordPress mode as well.

In the future, we expect to release modes designed specifically for popular plugins, like The Events Calendar, Elementor, and many others. These modes should seriously increase the accuracy of generations and massively help developers and WordPress website creators.

Selecting Modes

Selecting a mode is easy. You can do it from the app landing page as well as the generator pop-up.

App launching:

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