Ranking Generations

James LePage

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Ranking generations helps CodeWP improve our general AI, specific modes, and even outputs specific to you. This is an essential part of our platform, and everybody benefits if you rank your generations.

You can find the ranking buttons in your Generator top bar. After each generation, please give a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Use thumbs down if:

  • The code is wrong
  • The output is technically right but doesn't match the prompt

Use thumbs up if:

  • The code is exactly what you want

Many times, the first generation from a prompt isn't exactly what's needed, so users will iterate and experiment, becoming more specific with each generation. It's helpful to downvote these initial submissions, and upvote the final one that you're happy with.

In this example, the first one wasn't exactly what was wanted, but the second was.

We use this data alongside many other variables to train new models/modes, and improve existing ones. In the future, we'll also leverage this data to personalize outputs to individual users (this feature will be opt-in), taking previous generations that were ranked 👍, and using them to bias the general WordPress modes.

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